Virgin Killing Sweater

The thing with drawing gargoyles is modern clothing; it’s just not designed around wings and tails. It’s fine to go with the “holes in T-shirt” route for the wings, and just having the tail emerge over the top of the jeans… somehow? But it’s not great. There are some mornings where I can’t get my arm through the hole in my T-shirt and I can’t imagine getting a whole wing through one. There’s a reason gargoyles on the show wore ratty-ass tablecloths from Medieval Times–and I don’t mean 900 AD, I mean the Medieval Times out by the highway that they show on the news a lot.

And then Tumblr, dear sweet Tumblr, advised me of the evocatively-named “virgin-killing sweater” and I thought hey! That’s clothing that has wings and tails–if not practicality, or warmth–in mind!

Also if I don’t every so often defiantly draw a cute gargoyle girl, who is completely pointless from a convention-artist-alley-table standpoint, I don’t know who I am anymore.