Thong: Uprising

I’ve really been on a fanart kick lately.

There’s no real mystery to it: it’s fun and people like it and it provides an excuse to not finish writing my comic book project, which by comparison is not fun and probably won’t get much attention.

The drawing part of the comic is fun, or at least I assume it will be once I get through the writing part of the comic, which is very, very difficult.  There was a time when I felt that writing was something that creative people who couldn’t draw did, which I’ve discovered is a little bit arrogant and condescending of me. Writing is also hard; it doesn’t require the learning of software, but it does require forcing one’s brain to put words in a linear fashion, and my brain doesn’t much hold with linearity.  It’s tough! But I will soldier on.

In the meantime, watch TRON: Uprising. Good show so far.