The Hound of the Baskervilles

I love convention artbooks.  And this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo has two of them!

The first one is the Expo’s own artbook, which I can’t post my submission for.  They’ve asked us not to.  I’ll post it after the Expo… or before, if it’s rejected.

The other, however, is the Maple Ink Artist’s Alley artbook, which as far as I know I can post my submission for.

The theme was Illustrated Classics, meaning an illustration from a book that’s in the public domain.  I chose The Hound Of The Baskervilles.

I haven’t read Sherlock Holmes since Lisa and I were getting married in Cuba two years ago; I took both collections with me.  I wanted to reread Baskervilles for the purpose of this submission, so I downloaded it to my iPhone–but the actual hound doesn’t appear until near the end, and I’d long since finished inking before getting to that part.  At which point I discovered that first, Holmes and Watson aren’t carrying lanterns; second, they’re both shooting at the hound (for some reason I only ever envision Watson with a gun, unless Holmes is shooting at Mrs. Hudson’s walls); and third, Lestrade is there, although he’s thrown himself to the ground like a puss.

Oh well.

I still have time to make changes to this, since the person I’ll be submitting it to is Lisa, so call out if you see something that needs fixin’!