The Great Detective


No, not Batman.  The Victorian English Great Detective.  Right, that one.

It’s the conceit of Doctor Who that Sherlock Holmes, a fictional character, was based on Madame Vastra, a lesbian woman from a reptilian hominid species that descended from Earth’s dinosaurs.  The connections are obvious!

I don’t know why Sherlock Holmes can’t appear in Doctor Who.  No, Holmes never actually existed, but neither did underground-dwelling dinosaur people.

Anyway, Vastra completes my seventh season booster pack of magnets!  They will be available here soon, and at the conventions I’ll be showing at for the rest of this year: Edmonton Expo in September, Emerald City in March, Calgary Expo in April, and CONvergence in July. I’d love to show at the Vancouver Fanexpo but they insist on having it the weekend before the Calgary Expo every year and I couldn’t do both.  My face would fall off and I would die.