I don’t really get anime.

However, I do get anime commissions from time to time, which is mystifying because my wife’s table is right there. This commission, the first one from the Edmonton Expo last month, is quite appealing: a young girl from one (movie? video game?) standing back to back with a guy wearing implausible and probably compensatory armor from a completely different video game. In a field of sunflowers. Awesome!

It wasn’t hard to find perfectly nice reference material for the girl. But then, of course, anime reared its ugly head. (Mom, don’t click that.) And that’s why anime makes me sort of uncomfortable and itchy. I know it’s not all like that, it isn’t even mostly like that, but when I think of anime this is what I think of.

Nevertheless, commissions are fun! Two more left to go! And then a River Song magnet.