Spring is Convention Season

I’ve got three conventions scheduled in the next six weeks!

KFXFirst up is the Kelowna Fan Xpo on March 21! This is the show’s second year: last year Lisa and I found out about it on the day it happened, which was unfortunate, but we resolved to check it out if it came back.  And it has; a lot bigger, as I understand it! Everything starts somewhere and I’m excited to be part of something local that’s just getting off the ground.  If you’re in Kelowna, drop by the Okanagan Public Library and say hey!

2015-VANCOUVER-artistalley-4Two weeks after that is Fan Expo Vancouver on April 3-5! It’s our first time there, too.  It took a while for Vancouver to get a comic expo, for some reason; we would see them start up, run for a couple of years, and then fade away. I don’t know why, it’s not like Vancouver or Victoria aren’t large or hip enough to have a comic show. In 2012, Fan Expo Toronto, which is so far still the biggest Canadian show, started up Vancouver as a satellite show, which I imagine is probably the easiest way to get a show off the ground.

2015 CGY Web Floorplan.cdrAnd then two weeks after that on April 16-19 is the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, which is our Must Show. We’ve been tabling at that show since its second one, and it’s been getting bigger and bigger every year. (So have I.) This one’s our big one, and starting this year we’re going to skip Edmonton so Calgary will be our only Alberta show.

And then once all of the shows are over I plan to lie on my side in the fetal position for a while. Strings of drool will probably be involved.