Riddle of the Mummy’s Dusty Shaft

Gargy Boys-01When I was a kid I loved my dad’s old Hardy Boys books, which had been left at my grandparents’ house. They didn’t look like the covers you see when you Google for Hardy Boys covers, which probably means that they were the pre-1959-revised editions  and I didn’t realize at the time.  Too bad I read the spines right the heck off of them.

What I also didn’t realize at the time was that it’s fun to look at the social conventions of nearly a century ago through the search engine of today.  Why, back then one would never hesitate to refer to a small, squarish air vent as a dusty shaft.  What else could it mean?

Lisa wanted me to do a serious print of the Gargoyles Trio to match Goliath and Elisa. I compromised: I restricted the silliness to separate Illustrator layers that I can click on and off.  And on and off and on. While tittering to myself because I am eight years old.

The Hardy Boys books first came out in 1929; the revised cover I’m parodying here was printed in 1959.  Gargoyles premiered twenty years ago. Why, then, does Lexington have a modern hand-held GPS instead of a more reasonable paper map? To answer: tthhhpppbbpthhh.