Got To Start Bringing Handcuffs Or Something, Seriously

Here’s a second sketch I drew at the Edmonton Expo: not for a commission, just for my own amusement!

I love Power Girl.  Not because of boobs, although yes, boobs, but because Amanda Conner’s run on the book was just so appealing and fun.

I remembered another picture that was appealing and fun that I saw around 2004: Rod Guen’s Supergirl.  Yep.  Can’t hold a number in my head for more than fifteen seconds, but a funny superhero drawing from nearly a decade ago? That shit is in there.

So, if that’s how Supergirl transports street thugs, how does Power Girl do it?

Probably not like this.

Once again, lots of changes between my pencils and the finished versions. It’s like Slylock Fox; try to find the differences!

“You sure rendered those boobs carefully,” Lisa said.