Short description: Spec logo for an anti-drinking-and-driving campaign.  

Short description: I vector traced this supplied artwork into a limited colour palette to be embroidered onto motorcycle vests.

Short description: Done as a t-shirt design for a security company who wanted me to draw their logo character, in their own style, making a reference to the classic Marvin the Martian bit.

Short description: Done as a t-shirt crest for a security company who wanted an eagle crashing face-first into a brick wall. As you do.

Short description: A client wanted a cartoon version of her dog for her line of homemade, all-natural dog treats. This logo is vectored, and the client can place it into business cards, brochures, and posters herself without needing any more help from me, and I provided both colour and grayscale versions.

Short description: Here’s the cover for the 2014 Peachland Phone Book, featuring the newly renovated Visitors Centre with its resident (and intentional) colony of bats.

Short description:

Short description: I installed, built, found plugins for, and tweaked the CSS of this WordPress site for Prairie Pit Bull Rescue, a local dog rescue organization. I also continue to administrate the site for the rescue, providing technical support and guidance when needed.

Short description: This is a parody of the Moosehead Brewery logo done for Tim Hus, Canadian cowboy singer.  That’s Tim’s face, of course!

Short description: I created cute animal heads for the Calgary Zoo’s summer camp hats.

Short description: Created for an e-book cover.

Short description: Designed for the t-shirts for a swim team.

Short description: Logo design for the Calgary Progress Club’s Stampede event.

Short description: A custom toy-sized football.

Short description: Created for a Classics of Literature artwork collection.

Short description: A logo design for the ACPSA.

Short description: Two different possibilities for a shirt design.

Short description: Logo design for a retro video-gaming site.  

Short description: A T-shirt design for a swim club celebrating its 30th anniversary.              

Short description: