Oodle Doodle

So the big question that was asked about my Doctor Who magnets was “Do you have more stock at home?” And the answer was unfortunately, no, but I should have.

The second biggest question I was asked was “Is there a Rory?” And the answer was also no, but nerdammit there should be! There will be. There almost is. I inked him and he’s next.

The third biggest question was “Is there a Chris Eccleston?” and there will also be one of those, if for no other reason than the man is spectacularly easy to draw. Take Bert’s nose, put it on a bowling trophy, you’re done.

Nobody asked for an Ood, but I did one because I like them! As I recall, that’s the same reason I did a Judoon. That probably explains why I was left with six of them once everything else was gone. Now they’ll have equally unpopular Ood to keep them company. They’ll have a little relationship there, on the magnet board. Oodoon.

I was also asked many times for a set of all eleven Doctors. The catch is the same person did all the asking. Sorry, Kyle, you’re forgetting the rule: boys look, but girls buy things. And I don’t think girls are real desperate for a Jon Pertwee magnet.

Want to know what the fourth new magnet will be? Me too! We’ll find out together. It’ll be a thing.