One Two Three Four I Declare An Art War!

It’s been a long time since I did an art battle.  This time it was with Michael’s seven-year-old son, Peter.

Who started it by drawing his father and my wife being devoured by sea creatures.  The medium is Red Crayola, on brown paper tablecloth at Montana’s Steakhouse.


That must not stand, so I fired a return salvo.  This would be a very small shark, taken in scale with Peter’s seven-year-old feet, but I only had so much tablecloth to work with, especially since my Ponderosa Grillburger was already occupying precious work area.

Peter refused to compromise on the necessities of scale, spreading his next sea monster as far across the table as he could reach–much larger than the iPhone’s camera can capture.

Even though I was assured that a seven-year-old-boy-sized sea monster was much, much worse than a bear, I went with my instincts anyway.  Art battles must come from the gut.