One Suit Two Suit Brown Suit Blue Suit

There’s going to be twelve Doctor Who magnets.  I won’t tell you who they’re going to be, but there’s going to be twelve because the magnets come in sheets of four.

Naturally I’m going to sell them in 12-packs, as well as singly.  Lisa suggested that I reserve one magnet to only be available in the bundle packs, as a collector item.  I wrinkled my nose in the particular way I reserve for marketing gimmicks or for when the cat’s eaten turkey.

“Well, how many of the collectible Lego figures did you buy?” she asked.

“About sixteen?” I guessed.

“Wasn’t it fun collecting them all?”

“No, I was angry,” I said!  “I’ll never get the last three.  Why can’t I just buy them outright?”

“Yes, but you’re a boy.”

Evidently what to take away from this is that people like not being able to buy things they want without first buying a lot of things they don’t actually want.  If you look around you’ll find a lot of evidence and home shopping channels that support this.

–Which leads me here.


The Tenth Doctor generally wore either a blue suit or a brown one (or, in “Journey’s End,” both, simultaneously).  Which led me to a conundrum: which suit should the magnet wear?

Then it occurred to me: why not print both, and make one of them a rare, collectible thirteenth magnet only available in the bundle pack?

Now the only problem is deciding which suit is the Unobtainium Suit?