Mrs. Mary Sue Who

MrsMarySueWhoIt’s not that I don’t like River Song.  It’s hard not to like her; she’s vivacious and sassy and mysterious and the smartest and the Doctor can’t help but be intrigued by her because everyone likes her and there’s a term for that. And it’s generally considered to be damned sloppy writing.

But, again, by no coincidence everyone likes River Song, therefore lots of people ask for River Song magnets and so here we are.  This is what you’ve wrought, people.  Reap what you’ve sown.  Sue-en?  Whatever.

I sold out of Doctor Who magnets in October, and I’ve been holding off on ordering more because I wanted to add River and the new Companion, and of course we didn’t really know who the new Companion was. So I figured I’d hold off until after the Christmas Special, since it would introduce her (or re-introduce her, I suppose) and then she’d join the Doctor and I would know what her costume looks like. A decent handle on her character, you know.  An in-road.

Except as it turns out we don’t.  You screwed me, Who!  You screwed me!