Law & Auror

I’ve just been rereading the Harry Potter series and watching the movies along with them. I always realized that things were left out of the movies, but there was a lot more put in to them that I didn’t realize. Apart from Prisoner of Azkaban. Lord do I hate the shrunken head and singing frogs.

In an interview JK Rowling let us all know that, as adults, Harry and Ron become Aurors and Hermione ends up in the Department of Magical Law. (Spoilers!) Man, I would totally watch a Harry and Ron buddy-cop movie. Or read a book. Or watch a TV show. Somebody must make this happen.

It occurred to me right after that what the title would have to be. Silly puns, I never can resist you.

Of course, to really hold true to the Law & Order format, there should be a second lawyer next to Hermione. My first choice for the second lawyer was Dobby; my second choice was Dumbledore. Naturally they are both dead. (Spoilers!) Screw it, then.