Korra and Quorra at Cora’s

Along the vein of the classic Starbuck and Starbuck at Starbucks, here’s Korra and Quorra at Cora’s!

This was Lisa’s idea! She said it while we drove through the snowy wastelands of Montana at ridiculousoclock in the morning on the way to Miscon. I drew this at the convention, but of course I needed background reference, so I asked Lisa if we could go to Cora’s for breakfast so I could take surreptitious iPhone pictures of people eating. (Which you can do without it flashing or making noise of any kind. It must be very popular with perverts.)

I can make that happen,” she said, very intensely. She loves Cora’s. Cora’s, for the non-Canadians among you, is a Canadian breakfast chain where they specialize in enormous plates of fruit, regardless of whether you happened to have requested fruit with your asparagus-themed eggs Benedict, and crepes the length of my forearm. It’s like, I don’t know, a gay IHOP.

I imagine Quorra would be much more OMG about melons than Korra would.

You know what’s hard to clone in Photoshop? Plaid.