I Have Stared Into The Face Of Magnets

Want to see what 4,800 Serenity and Doctor Who magnets look like?

There you go!

Just in the nick of time, too, because we’re now 12 days, 17 hours, and eight minutes away from the start of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, where these little fellers will be for sale at my table (H05) in Artist Alley.  Wow!  Twelve days.  And all I have to do now is bag these up into sets, label them, create that Gargoyles print I planned to do and have barely started because of these friggin’ things, organize my print binders, print out my commission order forms, breathe into this brown paper bag, and combat this encroaching vertigo.  And nausea.  Twelve days!  TWELVE DAYS

I’m, um, going to go lie down for a bit.