Get Hammered

Harley Quinn is a really popular character for fanart–possibly the most popular.

I was commissioned to draw her at last year’s Edmonton Expo.  Turned out fairly well, except for a couple of issues.


But of course, that’s what post-production is for! Fixed the face, moved the hammer off her head, added an MC Hammer reference because I am old.


I won’t be able to offer computer-generated commissions any more.  Now that I’m half-freelance, my hourly design rate is such that either I’d have to charge a lot more for them, or stop doing them. So it became kind of obvious which I’d have to do.

It’s a real shame. I’m never as happy with my pen work, since the damn thing still doesn’t have an Undo button. Or nodes I can adjust.  I’ve just gotta be able to fiddle with my lines.