Conventional Wisdom

Big thanks to everyone who stopped by my table at this past weekend’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!  It was my most successful convention ever and that’s because of you!

It was also because of you that I sold out of my bundled sets of Doctor Who magnets just before noon on Saturday.  Then I bundled my remaining magnets into another dozen sets, and sold out of them in the next hour and a half after that.  After that I sold them individually and they were pretty much gone by the end of Saturday.

Except for a few K-9 and Judoon.  Poor rhino guys.  Nobody loves you.

So to everyone who left my table with only disappointment and a business card, I’m posting to let you know that I’ve just ordered new sets.  Depending on how the Canada Post strike goes, they should arrive in three weeks or so, and they’ll be on my Etsy store shortly after that.

As for next year’s show, the most requests I got were for the Ninth Doctor, and Rory Pond, and an Ood.  But I need a fourth to round out the set!  What would you suggest?