The Great Detective


No, not Batman.  The Victorian English Great Detective.  Right, that one.

It’s the conceit of Doctor Who that Sherlock Holmes, a fictional character, was based on Madame Vastra, a lesbian woman from a reptilian hominid species that descended from Earth’s dinosaurs.  The connections are obvious!

I don’t know why Sherlock Holmes can’t appear in Doctor Who.  No, Holmes never actually existed, but neither did underground-dwelling dinosaur people.

Anyway, Vastra completes my seventh season booster pack of magnets!  They will be available here soon, and at the conventions I’ll be showing at for the rest of this year: Edmonton Expo in September, Emerald City in March, Calgary Expo in April, and CONvergence in July. I’d love to show at the Vancouver Fanexpo but they insist on having it the weekend before the Calgary Expo every year and I couldn’t do both.  My face would fall off and I would die.


Did You Wish Really, Really Hard?

IdrisIdris (“The Doctor’s Wife”) wasn’t one of the options in my Doctor Who magnet poll, but Lisa suggested her.  It makes sense to do a character from one of the most popular recent episodes, even if she only appeared the once–at least, only once in that form.

Only one more magnet to go to complete the Season 7 pack before the Edmonton show at the end of September!

One Is The Loneliest Number

Adobe Photoshop PDF

I resisted doing any magnets from the classic Doctor Who, because I figured the current fans won’t really know the original series. I don’t.

But I created that poll to pick what magnets are going in this year’s booster pack, and y’all voted the First Doctor up pretty high.  Sure, I know it’s my friends casting multiple votes, but what the heck. He was in the season finale, after all, sort of.

So here you go, here’s the grumpy ol’ First Doctor!

Next up, a character I didn’t think to put in the poll, but Lisa suggested today. So it’ll be a surprise!

Who The Hell Is Clara?


Even though I put her in the poll, Clara was always going to be the next magnet. I was just waiting for season 7 to be over to figure out what the iconic look for Clara would turn out to be. However, much like the mystery of Clara’s nature, the answer at the end of the season turned out to be… nothing, in particular.

So I drew Victorian Clara, who I felt was the most interesting of the Claras. That probably doesn’t speak well of Clara as a character if, at her most interesting, she was a herring, a teaser, a blurb. Maybe she’ll be more interesting later.

The polls are still open as to what the other three magnets in the Season Seven Set are going to be, so go to the main page and cast your ballot! (It’s not going to be the Twelfth Doctor.)

Mrs. Mary Sue Who

MrsMarySueWhoIt’s not that I don’t like River Song.  It’s hard not to like her; she’s vivacious and sassy and mysterious and the smartest and the Doctor can’t help but be intrigued by her because everyone likes her and there’s a term for that. And it’s generally considered to be damned sloppy writing.

But, again, by no coincidence everyone likes River Song, therefore lots of people ask for River Song magnets and so here we are.  This is what you’ve wrought, people.  Reap what you’ve sown.  Sue-en?  Whatever.

I sold out of Doctor Who magnets in October, and I’ve been holding off on ordering more because I wanted to add River and the new Companion, and of course we didn’t really know who the new Companion was. So I figured I’d hold off until after the Christmas Special, since it would introduce her (or re-introduce her, I suppose) and then she’d join the Doctor and I would know what her costume looks like. A decent handle on her character, you know.  An in-road.

Except as it turns out we don’t.  You screwed me, Who!  You screwed me!

I Have Stared Into The Face Of Magnets

Want to see what 4,800 Serenity and Doctor Who magnets look like?

There you go!

Just in the nick of time, too, because we’re now 12 days, 17 hours, and eight minutes away from the start of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, where these little fellers will be for sale at my table (H05) in Artist Alley.  Wow!  Twelve days.  And all I have to do now is bag these up into sets, label them, create that Gargoyles print I planned to do and have barely started because of these friggin’ things, organize my print binders, print out my commission order forms, breathe into this brown paper bag, and combat this encroaching vertigo.  And nausea.  Twelve days!  TWELVE DAYS

I’m, um, going to go lie down for a bit.

The Usual Suspects

Here at long last is the complete roster of the Serenity magnets! They’ve changed a bit from what I posted earlier, because once I lined them all up their heads were all of differing sizes.

Back in the day I would have had to redraw them.  But in the twenty-first century I can just fix it in post production. And so if you spot any errors let me know and I can fix that in post too.

The set will be available at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, and after that, on my store.  Assuming any are left!

Serenity Two!

Here’s the second set of Serenity magnets–just one more set of four to go!

All twelve will be ready for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, April 27-29 at the Calgary Stampede Roundup Centre. Come find me at table H05 in Artist Alley, right along with Lisa, Shonna and Kyle!

The Expo’s achieved the amazing feat of reuniting Gargoyles voice actors Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, and LeVar Burton, so naturally I’ll be doing a Gargoyles print.  There are also several other actors from some other show that escapes me at this point. I guess it was fairly popular too.

Serenity Now!

Now that the Doctor Who set is finished–and it is finished so no begging!–it’s time to keep moving along on the Firefly set.

The stumbling block I ran into before involved drawing Summer Glau in such a way that she didn’t look like a creepier, robotic Christina Ricci. Untruthfully, in other words; fictionally. The solution that presented itself was to have my lovely wife draw River. And, given that, I ought to have her draw the other women of Firefly too! So she did: Inara and Zoe thus far, River still to come.

–Except for Kaylee. I feel I managed to draw Kaylee on my own. You may not agree.

MacBook Whoa

This week I received the Christmas present that all of you bought me: my brand new 15″ high-res matte-screen quad-core i7 frickin-metal MacBook Pro. Yes, I now finally have a computer that has a graphics card in it! That’s probably pretty necessary for what I do.

So since magnets bought me a computer, I’d better make more magnets! It’s not going to be more Doctor Who ones. I had a false start on the Firefly magnets (River gave me trouble) but this time I’m going to persevere!

If you’re in Missoula, Montana at the end of May, I’ll see you at MisCon 26! George R. R. Martin will be there.

Sighted In The Wild

Some of my magnets adorning a monitor stand! Thanks for the photo, Christine!

Funnily enough, I also made the lanyards hanging off the base of the stand. Whoever’s monitor this is, I owns them.

Doctor Who Magnets: Expansion Pack

The four new magnets are back from the printer and posted on my store!

Of course I’ve added them to the complete set of magnets, so if you’ve bought them already, don’t buy them again–buy the expansion pack! Or, buy the expansion pack for yourself and the complete set for any Doctor Who fans on your Christmas list.  I’ll allow that.


Finally! The sixteenth Doctor Who magnet.

I wasn’t surprised that Martha didn’t win my little poll. Donna is way cooler than Martha. There’s one big thing wrong with Martha: her unrequited love for the Doctor. It came right on the heels of Rose’s love for the Doctor and nobody was interested in it. Least of all the Doctor.

Donna Noble was immediately a thousand times better. “You want to mate?!” In fact, everything Donna shouted was glorious.

Now that all four new magnets are done I’ll send them to the printers. Should be about a month or so, at which point they’ll be available on Etsy as part as the main set of magnets, and separately for the people who already bought the main set of magnets.

Number Nine. Number Nine. Number Nine.

Christopher Eccleston was the second most-requested new magnet, after Rory. And since the first Doctor we start watching is always our Doctor, Christopher Eccleston is my Doctor. Of course, I came to like David Tennant fairly quickly, but he never really replaced the Ninth Doctor for me.

I’m still not really on board with Matt Smith. I rewatched the Eccleston season while working on this magnet, and it was just better then.

Mr. Pond

 In honour of season six and a half of Doctor Who starting today, here’s my fourteenth magnet: Rory the Centurion! He doesn’t wear the centurion outfit all that much, and he certainly doesn’t have the Auton finger cannon, but I always want to pick the most iconic look for each character, and sometimes characters change their clothing.

Although in Doctor Who that’s not as many characters as you’d think.

Oodle Doodle

So the big question that was asked about my Doctor Who magnets was “Do you have more stock at home?” And the answer was unfortunately, no, but I should have.

The second biggest question I was asked was “Is there a Rory?” And the answer was also no, but nerdammit there should be! There will be. There almost is. I inked him and he’s next.

The third biggest question was “Is there a Chris Eccleston?” and there will also be one of those, if for no other reason than the man is spectacularly easy to draw. Take Bert’s nose, put it on a bowling trophy, you’re done.

Nobody asked for an Ood, but I did one because I like them! As I recall, that’s the same reason I did a Judoon. That probably explains why I was left with six of them once everything else was gone. Now they’ll have equally unpopular Ood to keep them company. They’ll have a little relationship there, on the magnet board. Oodoon.

I was also asked many times for a set of all eleven Doctors. The catch is the same person did all the asking. Sorry, Kyle, you’re forgetting the rule: boys look, but girls buy things. And I don’t think girls are real desperate for a Jon Pertwee magnet.

Want to know what the fourth new magnet will be? Me too! We’ll find out together. It’ll be a thing.

Doctor Who Magnets: The Return!

Man, did I underestimate the amount of Doctor Who magnets I’d need for the Comic Expo. I sold out of the complete sets by about 1:30 on the Saturday. By Sunday afternoon I only had a few lonely K-9s and Judoon left. Poor sad Judoon. Nobody love.

I placed an order with the printer right after the show, and I’m happy to announce they’ve arrived! They’re back up on my Etsy store right now–don’t be concerned about the quantity of five, there’s actually 100.  At least, right now there are!

The other thing I should have ordered before the Expo are the 14-inch car magnets my printer also does. I wish I’d had those for the table display! Well, now we know for next year.


At long last, the Doctor Who magnet set is all finished and available on my store!

The magnets actually arrived from the printer a little before Christmas; it took a while to find plastic bags the right size and start cutting them out. But now they’re all ready to go!

There’s going to be a special deal if you find me at a convention: an exclusive Thirteenth Doctor magnet! Well, technically a second Tenth Doctor magnet, wearing the brown suit instead of the blue suit. Only available at conventions, at no extra charge!

(I’ll also have the magnets available for sale individually at conventions, but I don’t think I’ll list them on Etsy that way.)

Weeping Angel Magnet

As planned!

Next I’ll do the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, which I’ll be getting Lisa’s help with because doing actual people this way is hard.  Then, I think the Tenth Doctor and Rose.  And then the Fourth Doctor.