Calgary Expo!

The Calgary Expo has released the table assignments for the Artist’s Alley!  We’re sitting exactly where we were sitting last year, I think! I certainly remember being in front of the exit to the Corral, because man was there ever a lot of foot traffic.

This year they’re doing ticket sales in the Big Four building, which should solve the problems they had last year when they only allowed entry through the Corral, the same place they were doing ticket sales. Unfortunately it bottlenecked, forcing them to close the Corral, and therefore the only entrance. We heard from a lot of people who were very unhappy, and they had every right to be. Still, I hope last year’s problems don’t adversely affect this year’s attendance–if you came last year and got annoyed, give it another try!


Right now I’m working on two artbook entries, and this Harley I drew in Edmonton needs her face fixed somehow. And I’m talking with a new magnet printer. April 26 will be here in no time!