Calgary Expo

Finally home from another Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! Man, that show is busy. Normally I don’t get to see all that much of it, but this year “Weird Al” Yankovic was a guest. How could I ignore THAT? Of course I couldn’t.

One of the awesome things about the Expo–and there are very many awesome things about the Expo–is the artbook, which is open for exhibitors to submit art to. We can submit as many things as we want, and this year I went with more of a shotgun approach: the more you lob over, the more likely one will make contact!

This year the theme was “Weird Adventures,” which I took to mean a 70s horror comic style. Meet Ironic Reversal Magazine, where the subject matter is never quite what you’d expect!


As it turned out, Surf Bored was the winning entry! Is there anyone who loves pickles as much as he does?

It feels like I’ve been drawing things for Ironic Reversal Magazine for years.

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