C4 Sketchcards

When the Central Canada Comic-Con announced that they would be handing out free sketchcards with weekend passes, I didn’t really take any notice.  They hadn’t asked me directly, and I’ve had more experience than I’d like to admit with concoms coming up with sudden, poorly-thought-out ideas.

To me, this smelled like “let’s give out free stuff! Hey, artists, give us free stuff to hand out!  For free!”  That sort of thing gets my back up, and it’s not C4’s fault–especially since they extremely reasonably don’t charge for Artist Alley tables for out-of-Manitoba guests.

Still, nobody else will value your art if you don’t, so I found it very easy to ignore the request that hadn’t been sent to me in the first place.

Kyle, on the other hand, believes that all exposure is good exposure, and he replied to them.  And they sent him his ten cards, and my ten cards, and ten cards for Michael onto which they apparently want him to write dialogue, and an extra ten for I do not know what.

I appreciate tenacity, and brute-force bulling forward.  And also, free artist tables.  So I’m drawing my twenty cards.


Thus far I’ve been drawing whatever’s in front of me at the time, so coming up is Freakazoid (Michael bought me the DVDs for my birthday) and probably more Gargoyles since I’ve been going through the series ever since getting back from the Gathering.

And I suppose I need to draw Destro practicing the clarinet as well.

This is the first post on my new WordPress blog, which is much more powerful and secure than my previous platform (sphpblog) and also automatically poots out posts to Livejournal and Facebook, which is extremely nice for me because now I don’t have to, and not so nice for you because you have to read everything three times.  Sorry about that.