But That All Changed When The Time Nation Attacked!

Time Nation-01I was at the Edmonton Expo with Jeremy Thew (and the rest of the usual gang) and he didn’t know what to draw. “Do the Fire Nation Attacked meme from Avatar,” I said, “but with the Human Torch and Firestorm and Fire from DC Comics and… Pyro… and…”

He didn’t want to do it. And as I sat there trying to look cute and sell things to people, I thought about doing it myself. And then I thought about drawing the Ice Nation with Mr. Freeze and Captain Cold and Killer Frost (it’s been done) and then I thought about Timebenders.

And then I decided to skip the boring preamble!

For the benefit of young people, the Timebenders are Phineas Bogg from Voyagers!, Doc Brown from Back to the Future, the Twelfth Doctor, Mr. Peabody, and Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap. Want to learn more? Take a voyage to your local library–which  was a building people used to go to where there were books containing printouts of Wikipedia and you had to be quiet.

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